Hello! My name is Emma, this is my first blog. I wanted to set up a blog because I love writing, particularly writing descriptions of scenic places and emotions and because I would like some honest opinions that I may not be able to get from my family!I still really can't believe that people would want to read my work but it makes me so happy! I would really like some comments and feedback as I have no idea how I'm doing but please be kind :) x

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Idea 2-Alps

An Idea 2- The Alps

One of my favorite places to go on holiday is the French Alps. Its such an amazing place of natural beauty, and my mind is blown when I think of how old those mountains are, and what they must have seen during their life times! I'll try my best describe them.

As she ran through the forest, she came into a clearing.  But this was not a clearing of trees, no, but a clearing of mountains, they reached toward the heavens and towered down towards her. She stood in the centre of the only flat land for miles, the grass was waist high stretching up to tickle her, it seemed that everything around here yearned to be tall and stretched to the sky, although the grass looked juvenile compared to the mountains. Waterfalls were dotted around and trickled down into a large clear pool of crystal.. she had to admit... it was breathtaking.

Not my best but thanks for reading, comments and criticism welcome
Emma :) x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

An Idea 1

I think one day I would like to write a book like the secret garden, but instead with a forest.. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that a forest is a really mystical place, I think it has to do with the colour green and the mood lighting, and the way the sun can filter through the leaves making everything green! Also, when you look at the leaves none of them are exactly the same shade!

All that there was, was thick forest. She was standing on a rough track, carved out basically on the floor, it looked like it had been tracked many times, but it seemed hard to think that anyone had been here, it was so alien. The whole forest was a swirl of brown and green, the green coated every bark and every leaf, it was vibrant, as if the colour had come to life by itself. The little light that filtered through was also tinged with green, even the light itself seemed to breathe into the forest. If she squinted, she could just about see the white caps of the mountains peeping overhead. It was in that moment she knew she was standing somewhere magical.

Thanks for reading, comments and constructive critism welcome :) x

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Tips for descriptions

Ever sat there and wondered how to describe a beautiful scene ahead of you?  Well with these tips hopefully I might be able to help... and maybe share some of my own favourite descriptions that I have come up with.

1) When you're describing a scene in your head or a picture or are lucky enough to be in scenic place, make sure you take in all the surroundings. Look at every bit of movement, look at every colour, take time to assess the landscape.

2) Start off by describing the senses, what can you see? What can you smell? Is it a pleasant place or does it bring up bad images.

3) Maybe add in a character, describe what he or she is feeling standing in that place... do they feel awe, maybe stunned, maybe disgusted?

4) Try to leave a lasting impact on the reader! Don't be afraid to chop bits out or squeeze things in here and there! Don't be afraid to change up your ideas, no one gets it right first time!

5) Add some emotion to the surroundings... complete the picture as it were. Give that rock some feelings! For example: the rock stood out from the earth, cold, hard, ready to take action like a waiting soldier!

6) Use things like personification, similes and metaphors! Anything you can think of!

7) Another thing, don't stop reading! Reading is invaluble, you see new words put into new contexts everyday.

Good luck :) x

P.S comments are very welcome.. please be kind this is my first blog so I am open to constructive criticism :)